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Camping has come a long way and now you can enjoy “glamping” (glamour camping), as little as 25-minutes from the chaotic center of Bogotá. This is a comfortable way to enjoy the outdoor aspect of camping with modern amenities and allow yourself to reconnect with nature – plus there are some SUPER CHIC places to stay. From tiny cabins, treehouses, renovated busses, teepees, and more – here are the easiest glamping & eco-tourism getaways from Bogotá, Colombia.

Terramaga Glamping in San Francisco

Approximately 1.5 hours from BogotáBOOK NOW

Terramanga Glamping has some fabulous accommodation options for people looking for a high-end camping experience. They have a range of options that include bubble tents, treehouses, and other unique options. The property also has a main house for guests to use that’s equipped with a restaurant, lounge, and swimming pool. 

EnCubo Glamping in Guatavita 

Approximately 1.5 hours from BogotáBOOK NOW

Transitioning away from the traditional bubble and teepee style glamping options sits EnCubo, a small cabin on the Laguna de Guatavita constructed from a shipping container. The container has floor to ceiling windows that let you take in views of the surrounding area as well as a patio and roof deck to enjoy the outdoors. While in Guatavita, the hosts can help you book a romantic sailboat excursion on the lake or horseback riding. 

Glamping Dome in Chinauta

Approximately 2.5 hours from BogotáBOOK NOW

This magical glamping dome comes with stunning mountain views, a private jacuzzi, and a BBQ making it the perfect place to disconnect. The property also features a hike down to the Cuja River where you can go for a swim and enjoy nature. The average temperature here is a little warmer than Bogotá so it’s the perfect escape from the cold.

Tiny Cabin in Usaquén 

Approximately 25-minutes from BogotáBOOK NOW

One of my favorite finds has been a little cabin getaway up in the mountains by Usaquén, making this the closest and most accessible destination from Bogotá. The listing is on Airbnb (check it out here) and is a tiny house designed to perfection by the owner.  The views are stunning and can be enjoyed from the roof terrace, especially as day turns to night and you can lay down to see the stars. There is a full kitchen and an outdoor grill, as well as a laundry room to make this perfect for a short or long term stay. It’s even possible to get Rappi orders to the cabin if you want to take a break from cooking. The owner is also constructing a luxury tent near the cabin if you want to turn your stay into a group trip. And if you haven’t used Airbnb before, be sure to sign up through THIS LINK first for $25 off your first stay.

Treehouse Cabin in La Calera

Approximately 1-hour from BogotáBOOK NOW

Stay in a magical treehouse elevated 8 meters from the ground with stunning views of the surrounding forest. However, staying in a treehouse doesn’t mean you’ll be roughing it. This cabin has a full kitchen, bathroom with hot water, outdoor spaces, and a lofted bed on the second floor. There is also plenty of hikes and a nearby waterfall for you to explore while you’re here. 

Hobu Montaña in La Calera  

Approximately 1-hour from BogotáBOOK NOW

Also in La Calera, you’ll find Hobu Montaña, with small cabins right next to a golf course on the property. The property has a campfire, golf course (with classes offered), horseback riding, and a fire pit to warm up in the chilly evenings. There is also a small restaurant and bar on-site so you don’t have to worry about cooking. 

Maloca Glamping in Guasca

Approximately 1-hour from BogotáBOOK NOW

Enjoy an exclusive camping experience at Maloca Glamping. Each structure is built onto a platform with a private deck, allowing you to have up-close views of the surrounding forest. On the property, you can enjoy a campfire under the stars, bird watching, hiking, and enjoying the delicious on-site restaurant and bar. 

Chalet Liwana in Choachi 

Approximately 1.5 hours from BogotáBOOK NOW

Choachi is the perfect escape from if you want to get to somewhere a few degrees warmer in a fairly quick amount of time. In Choachi, there are quite a few “finca” stays as well as activities like the Santa Monica Hot Springs and hiking to the La Chorrera Waterfall, the tallest waterfall in Colombia. You should definitely spend at least a night in Choachi to fully disconnect and enjoy the surrounding nature. Chalet Liwana is a small bed and breakfast that has created a picturesque getaway. The property is super cozy & chic with rooms having their own terrace that look out into the luscious greenery with a delicious breakfast included in the morning. 

Mangoo Glamping in Melgar 

Approximately 3-hours from BogotáBOOK NOW

When Bogotanos want to experience some really hot weather, they head south to Melgar where the high is typically 32 degrees C. The city is known for its small pool resorts and is mostly a weekend destination for locals. There aren’t many accommodations that focus on being eco-touristic, but that’s ok since Mangoo Glamping has created the perfect space to disconnect with luxurious camping tents and a brand-new private swimming pool. 

Glamping Aventura Park in Villa de Leyva 

Approximately 3.5 hours from BogotáBOOK NOW

The main square of Villa de Leyva is known for its white-washed walls and cobblestone streets, but there are also quite a few eco-tourism getaways in the surrounding countryside. Glamping Aventura Park satisfies anyone looking to experience adventure sports like sky cycling, zip-lining, obstacle courses, bungee jumping, waterfall repelling, and more. Accommodation includes a dome style cabin with clear roof windows that allow you to see the stars from your bedside with breakfast included in the morning. Also, be sure to check out our complete guide to Villa de Leyva HERE

La Quinta Glamping in Lago de Tota 

Approximately 4-hours from BogotáBOOK NOW

Lago de Tota is the largest lake in Colombia and is most famous for Playa Blanca, a white-sand beach 3,000 meters above sea level that lines part of the shore. There are a few campsites along the lake, and one of the best-designed options is La Quinta Glamping. They have several different accommodation options on the property like a cozy cabin treehouse or one of their unique triangular cabins, all with a view of the water. While staying here you can enjoy a BBQ, campfire, hiking, or visit Playa Blanca which is around 40-minutes away. 

Neusa Hills Glamping in Tausa

Approximately 2-hours from BogotáBOOK NOW

Neusa Hills Glamping is a gorgeous property only 2-hours from Bogotá that surrounds the Neusa Lagoon. Each cabin has been smartly designed to take advantage of the outdoors with floor to ceiling windows, a net deck, and a dining deck. While here you can use ATVs, ride mountain bikes, participate in yoga, sit around the campfire, relax in the sauna, walk the surrounding hikes or hang out with other guests in the common house. 

*Esta publicación también está disponible en: Español


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