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The chilly year-round weather in Bogotá will definitely leave you craving a hot day at the pool – and luckily you don’t have to go too far to get to one. By heading outside the city and down in elevation, in as little as 1.5 hours, you’ll find several towns with warm weather all year. I’ve rounded up some of the best Airbnb properties available right now that are equipped with gorgeous private swimming pools for your next special getaway. 

The Perfect Escape | BOOK NOW

Starting at 420K Colombian Pesos/night

This country cottage is only 1.5 hours from Bogotá and you’ll be able to enjoy a nice warm climate. The property has several different areas to enjoy a beautiful pool and jacuzzi surrounded by the gardens. There is even a brick oven in case you want to make your own pizza.  

Casa Musa | BOOK NOW

Starting at 445K Colombian Pesos/night

Casa Musa is a house in the mountains made with a lot of love and modern design. The house features a heated swimming pool and a terrace with stunning views. It is located inside a coffee farm, at 1,860 meters above sea level with a mild-cold climate (15 to 25 degrees Celsius), where you will spend days of complete disconnection, enjoying nature and cups of coffee from the same farm.

Cabin with private hot springs | BOOK NOW 

Starting at 180K Colombian Pesos/night

Las Mariposas is a super unique property as it has its own private hot spring pools for you to enjoy. It’s a romantic place to visit with your partner or easy small-group trip as it’s located only 1.5-hours from Bogotá. 

Peñon Verde | BOOK NOW 

Starting at 400K Colombian Pesos/night

This modern home has been thoughtfully designed to create an oasis away from the city. It’s located in Ricaurte (approximately 3.5 hours from Bogotá) where the temperatures often get to 35° C so you’ll definitely love making a splash in the pool. 

Finca El Silencio | BOOK NOW

Starting at 200K Colombian Pesos/night

Finca El Silencio is truly a place to disconnect and enjoy the natural surroundings from the swimming pool. As a guest, you’ll have your own guest house with a private kitchen and bathroom with the owners next door in the main house. The farm is located in the middle of the mountains, surround by forest and hiking trails. You must have a delicious cup of coffee grown from start to finish on their farm. 

Casa 60 Días | BOOK NOW

Starting at 595K Colombian Pesos/night 

Casa 60 Días is a place where sun, wind, water, and nature are your partners. Even though it is located in the colonial town of Honda, you will feel surrounded by nature. This house is located in Honda, approximately 5-hours from Bogotá, so not the closest, but the architecture and pool are absolutely stunning and make the trip worth it. 

Modern Moutain House | BOOK NOW 

Starting at 709K Colombian Pesos/night

Enjoy this modern house in Anapoima with a warm temperate climate, only 2.5 hours from Bogotá. It is an ideal space to enjoy with the family and be in contact with nature with the comforts of a modern home. The house has 4 bedrooms, each with a private bathroom, with capacity for 11 people in beds. Also with jacuzzi, pool, TV, Netflix, internet, and home theater. The house has a kiosk with a wood-burning BBQ and is surrounded by fruit trees.

Villavicencio House | BOOK NOW

Starting at 297K Colombian Pesos/night

Beautiful house located in Villavicencio with space for 10 – 12 people. The pool area is perfect for relaxing with lots of outdoor space that also includes a jacuzzi and BBQ. Overall a great value for the money with the amount of space and amenities included. 

Finca Mandarina | BOOK NOW 

Starting at 570K Colombian Pesos/night

Finca Mandarina is set within a beautiful farm of palm, mango, and papaya trees with a lovely climate to fully relax. The house has been beautifully designed to incorporate indoor and outdoor spaces with the living room fully opening up to the swimming pool area. 

Blue Rest House | BOOK NOW 

Starting at 300K Colombian Pesos/night

This beautiful house is located 3-hours from Bogotá in Flandes, just a little past Giradot. The house features lots of outdoor space with a massive private swimming pool, jacuzzi, and BBQ area that’s perfect for entertaining a group of friends. 

*Esta publicación también está disponible en: Español


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